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Unlock Global Horizons with IFZA

IFZA is a Passport to your International Prosperity, and Pioneering a Path to Global Entrepreneurial Success.

Free Zone and Chronicles

IFZA is a beacon of opportunities in the dynamic land of free zones, in the vibrant marketplace of Dubai. We are a leading free zone community in Dubai, crafted to provide a world-class infrastructure for entrepreneurs and foreign investors with cutting-edge facilities and business-friendly regulations.

in world bank's starting a business for the MENA region


GDP as of 2019 source.

of the world population accessible within an 8 hour flight

in Macroeconomic stability - WEF Global Compectitivenes Report 2019

of UAE registered companies are SMEs

Access exclusive benefits and elevate your business.

Dubai’s Strategic Hub:

Strategically located in Dubai, it provides world-class access to global markets.

Seamless Solutions:

Convenient access to all Free Zone business formation and administration services.

Tailored Expertise:

An expert, multinational team who can advise on the perfect fit for you from 2,000+ business activities.

Exploring FZCOs

Business Licenses are available through the incorporation of FZCOs or the registration of branch offices.

Unified Excellence

Professional, Commercial,
and Industrial
activities can be combined 1
under one IFZA License.

Transparency Wins

Keeping Transparency throughout the process and offering Competitive Pricing that speaks for itself.


Providing a streamlined and efficient company setup, with the fastest incorporation service.

Remote Easy

Your business setup is our preference, No physical presence is required of business owners during the incorporation process.

Zero Capital Hurdles

Embrace the incorporation process of your business without any Paid-up share capital obligations.

IFZA-Your visa solution


1 Visa - IFZA

د.إ 24,650.00
  • trade license
  • Establishnment Card
  • Investor/ Residence Visa Fee
  • Medical Test + Emirates ID

2 Visa - IFZA

د.إ 32,400.00
  • Trade License
  • Establishnment Card
  • Investor/ Residence Visa Fee
  • Medical Test + Emirates ID

3 Visa - IFZA

د.إ 41,150.00
  • Trade License
  • Establishnment Card
  • Investor/ Residence Visa Fee
  • Medical Test + Emirates ID

4 Visa -IFZA *

د.إ 49,900.00
  • trade license
  • Establishnment Card
  • Investor/ Residence Visa Fee
  • Medical Test + Emirates ID

5 Visa - IFZA *

د.إ 56,650.00
  • Trade License
  • Establishnment Card
  • Investor/ Residence Visa Fee
  • Medical Test + Emirates ID

6 Visa - IFZA *

د.إ 63,400.00
  • Trade License
  • Establishnment Card
  • Investor/ Residence Visa Fee
  • Medical Test + Emirates ID

Timeline of triumph

  • Trade License

    Timeframe : 3-5 working days.
  • Establishment Card

    Timeframe : 2-3 business days after the License is issued.
  • Online visa application form

    Timeframe : Dependent on proactivity of the client.
  • Employment Contract

    Timeframe : 1 business day.
  • Entry permit / E-visa

    Timeframe : 3-5 business days.
  • Status Change

    Timeframe : 1 business day.
  • Medical fitness testing andemirates id status change

    Timeframe : Dependent on proactivity of the client.
  • Digital Visa Issuance

    Timeframe : Regular 2-3 business days VIP express service- 24 hour from proof of payment.

Check , Achieve , Repeat


passport copy (of every shareholder and genral manager)

emirates id copy for UAE resident

emirates id copy for sahrehodler who are UAE resident

application form

visa copy for shareholder who are UAE resident


Free Zones are areas designated for international businesses, which need 100 % foreign ownership. Companies in each free zone can trade only within the same free zone and nowhere else in UAE . Freezone companies allow 100 % ownership, tax benefits, and operational freedom within Free Zone.

i) 100% Ownership in Freezone without Local Partner or Local Sponsorship.

ii) Multiple activities can be chosen without adhering to a specific Activity group.

iii) Different activities can be done without incorporating multiple companies. Multi-year licenses can be bought at one time.

iv) Multi year trade license fee discount for MEYDAN FZ is 15%.

v) Registering with the Meydan Freezone gives you personalized benefits such as : Golf Course access, Hotel Stay discounts, Equestrian Racecourse access, Networking Events etc.(MEYDAN FZ).

There are several different types of trade license in Dubai which you can select during your application process. Following are some of the Licenses .

i) UAE Commercial License – For Trading purposes for goods and commodities as well as some related services such as car rental or real estate.

ii) Professional licenses: Professional UAE licenses are targeted at people who have specific professions including artisanal craftsmanship, consultancy, IT and technical services, medical services, security, printing and publishing and many more.

iii) Tourism license: If you would like to run a business in the tourism industry then a tourist license is essential for any firm thinking of operating hotels, tourist trips, cruise boats and any other travel and tourism activities.

iv) Agriculture license: If you would like to cultivate plants, harvest crops, build greenhouses or run an agricultural consultancy, an agricultural licence is essential.

v) Freelance license: There is a growing community of freelancers in the UAE and so the government has created a freelance license to meet the needs of this sector. Meydan Free Zone does not offer freelance license or visa options.

There are around 40 Free zone jurisdictions that are currently operating in the UAE. Around 28 Free zones operate in the Emirate of Dubai.

The cost of License will depend on the activity you choose.

Once you choose the type of Free Zone, you need to provide passport copies and photographs with 3 company names for name check.

There can only be a single shareholder for a FZE whereas there can two or more shareholders for a Free Zone Company. 

The most common types are:
i) Sole establishment
ii) Civil Company
iii) Limited Liability Company (LLC)
iv)Branch of Free Zone Company
v) Branch of Foreign Companies/Representative Office

Incorporation process is extremely simple and Incorporation documents will be released within 3 to 5 working days.

Free zone Entities are VAT exempted on their Revenue from outside the UAE and within the free zone for goods but services are zero rated for exports and 5% for local.

A General Trading License allows you to engage in a variety of trading activities, including import, export, re-export, distribution, and storage of goods.

i)  Sole proprietorship- Owned by a one person only.
ii)  Limited liability company minimum is 2 and the maximum number is 50.
iii)  Civil works and the partnership companies are composed of 2 or more partners.
iv)  Private joint-stock company doesn’t include less than 3 founders.
v) Public joint-stock company offers its shares for subscription and has unlimited number of partners.

No, you cannot rent/lease office, garage within the same free zone area or sublease it from other shared office space providers across the UAE. Some free zones provide a No Objection Certificate that allows you to rent an office on the mainland.

List of documents differ from bank to bank, following are the set of documents required open bank account:
i) Copy of Emirates ID card
ii) Company Trade License
iii) Certificate of Registration
iv) Lease Agreement
v)Passport copies for shareholders and authorized signatories Company
vi)Memorandum and Articles of Association

A business trade license in Dubai will typically depend on the business you want to establish on the mainland. For acquiring a trade license in the UAE, the steps given below have to be followed:

i) Choose the corporate entity, and mention the commercial activity:
The initial step for acquiring the trade license is to choose the corporate entity and special the commercial activities that the firm will engage in.

ii) Select a trading name:
The second step involves selecting a relevant trade name that adheres to the UAE laws and is not already in use by some other firm.

iii) Decide where to locate your company:
Choosing a location for your firm is crucial when you apply for a trade license. After deciding on the corporate location, you must obtain a tenancy agreement.

iv) Fill out the application form and pay the necessary payments:
To acquire the trade license you must fill out the application form and submit it to DED along with all the required documentation. Following that, you must pay the charges related to your licence application.

v) Acquire the trade license:
Once the documents and application have been verified and if everything is accurate and your application is approved, you will receive the trade licence.

How can we help you?

We understand the journey to your destination is full of complex processes. SetKorp is all set to help you in incorporating your business in the UAE. We assist you throughout the process from incorporation to final settlement, be it the visa process, licensing, choosing the right business, documentation, or taxation, we are committed to ensuring a hassle-free experience.