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Frequently Asked Questions

To help promising investors set up profitable businesses in the UAE.


You can incorporate companies in Free zones, Mainland in Dubai or UAE depending upon your business plan.

The most common types are:
i) Sole establishment
ii) Civil Company
iii) Limited Liability Company (LLC)
iv)Branch of Free Zone Company
v) Branch of Foreign Companies/Representative Office

Cost of setting up of company will depend on the various factors like size of your company, number of visa requirement, office location, type of business activity, also certain business activity would require prior approval.

To begin the process we shall require shareholder’s passport copy and passport size photograph. For employee visa we would require attested degree certificate from UAE Embassy of the home country also from the UAE ministry of foreign affairs.

Incorporation process is extremely simple and Incorporation documents will be released within 3 to 5 working days.

No POA will be required from your end, Setkorp will be consultants on your behalf for completing your business incorporation remotely, and however, your physical presence will be required during Residence Visa procedures for your Medical test and Emirates ID.

–  Free zone Entities are VAT exempted on their Revenue from outside the UAE and within the free zone for goods but services are zero rated for exports and 5% for local.

Tax Registration can be done by our Tax consultants through online application.

Yes, Insurance is compulsory for all types of visa.

Yes, Free Zone registered companies are not exempted from VAT. 

An employment Visa can be applied in two different ways

  • Outside the country
  • Inside the country

If the applicant is outside UAE we need to apply for the  Electronic Visa (E Visa ) .

 On the receipt of E visa within 4-5 Working days, Medical test and Biometrics is done  If the applicant is inside UAE – E visa can be applied followed Medical test and Biometric is done.


The designation in the Visa is of your choice. For a General Manager Visa, you don’t need an attested highest college degree but for any other managerial position you would need an Attested Degree in MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE embassy in India and UAE). We also get the attestation done.

A General Trading License allows you to engage in a variety of trading activities, including import, export, re-export, distribution, and storage of goods. This gives you the flexibility to explore various business opportunities without any restrictions.


  1. Sole proprietorship- Owned by a one person only.
  2. Limited liability company minimum is 2 and the maximum number is 50. iii) Civil works and the partnership companies are composed of 2 or more partners. iv) Private joint-stock company doesn’t include less than 3 founders.
  3. v) Public joint-stock company offers its shares for subscription and has unlimited number of partners.

Yes, in order to complete your trade license, you must produce a signed office lease agreement. This applies to mainland companies. However, most free zones enable a minimum office facility rental such as a virtual office or flexi desk and this is included in the licensing and government fees which will be included in our proposal.

Our consultant will contact you prior to date of expiry of your Trade Licence on your registered email id. The process can be completed through online.

Free zones in UAE offer various types of license, including trading, industrial and service licenses. Free zone are cost effective because they often come up with tax incentives, industrial and service licenses, 100 % ownership for foreigners and simplified procedures.

List of documents differ from bank to bank, following are the set of documents required open bank account 

  1. i) Copy of Emirates ID card ii) Company Trade License iii) Certificate of Registration iv) Lease Agreement

Passport copies for shareholders and authorized signatories 

Company Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Yes, If the case requires, the company can change its business license.

Yes you can operate your company from anywhere in the world.

A request to free zone through your service provider to cancel all visas under the company, then the company Immigration card and E-channel, and finally the license. An auditor report and NOC from the bank are required to cancel the business license.

In that case documents must be approved by the concerned country’s embassy in UAE .If the concerned country does not have an Embassy in the UAE, documents must be notarized by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs accredited to the UAE (e.g., Mauritius, Jamaica, Moldova).

UAE’s top-ranked emirate, Dubai, is rapidly developing and growing. The nation’s advanced technology and resources, excellent infrastructure, tax benefits, diverse economy, safe and moreover Dubai government has introduced various business friendly regulations and benefits for technology start-ups.

A business trade license in Dubai will typically depend on the business you want to establish on the mainland. For acquiring a trade license in the UAE, the steps given below have to be followed:

  1. Choose the corporate entity, and mention the commercial activity

The initial step for acquiring the trade license is to choose the corporate entity and special the commercial activities that the firm will engage in.

  1. Select a trading name

The second step involves selecting a relevant trade name that adheres to the UAE laws and is not already in use by some other firm. iii) Decide where to locate your company

Choosing a location for your firm is crucial when you apply for a trade license. After deciding on the corporate location, you must obtain a tenancy agreement.

  1. Fill out the application form and pay the necessary payments

To acquire the trade license you must fill out the application form and submit it to DED along with all the required documentation. Following that, you must pay the charges related to your licence application.

  1. Acquire the trade license

Once the documents and application have been verified and if everything is accurate and your application is approved, you will receive the trade licence.

  • Some of the best business opportunities would be as follows
  • IT Solutions

Post COVID- 19 pandemic, has created great opportunities for digitalisation. It has wide range of services like website development, e-commerce sites, designing, integrations and many more.

  • Tourism

Dubai has strategically developed itself as a top global tourist destination, offering a wide range of attractions and experiences that cater to various interests and demographics.

  • E- Commerce

Growing Digital penetration, High Disposable Income and Favourable Business opportunities have led growth of E-commerce in Dubai. The UAE rules and regulations facilitate ecommerce business, including on line payments, data protection and consumer right.


Mainland is preferred destination for many investors for company formation. It is licensed by DED of the relevant Emirate, also referred as offshore company.

Mainland is Inland corporation  that can operate in local market, an in country sponsor or an Emirati is required for the establishment of mainland business in Dubai and the typical ownership structure of an Emirati owned mainland business in Dubai is that the UAE national sponsor holds 51 % of the company and Foreign shareholder hold the remaining 49 percent .

Mainland gives flexibility of conducting business activities in local as well as foreign market It gives no restriction on number of visa that can be obtained, one can also have access to government tenders and contracts.


The main requirement for mainland would be obtaining necessary license and permits, securing a local sponsor or agent, minimum capital requirement and registration procedures.

 Yes, local sponsor is compulsory for mainland, a local sponsor or service agent is a UAE national or a UAE-owned company that acts representative and assist with legal requirements, government relations and administrative tasks. They hold a minority share in the company but don’t have control over the company’s operations or profits. 

Yes, you can choose the location of your office within Dubai based on your business needs and preferences. The flexibility in office locations allows you to select an area that is convenient for your operations and target markets.

No, you cannot rent/lease office, garage within the same free zone area or sublease it from other shared office space providers across the UAE. Some free zones provide a No Objection Certificate that allows you to rent an office on the mainland.

It is the online portal in the Immigration System. E-channel is only applicable to the Northern Emirates and does not exist in Dubai.

  • Yes, we do provide services for dependent visa.

Yes, if the case requires, the company can change its business license.

You can reach out to us anytime via email.